Divorce Mediation in Pensacola & Near Syracuse, NY

Impartial Divorce Settlement Negotiators

At Divorce Mediation Services, we offer a flexible dispute resolution process where an impartial third party facilitates negotiations between parties.

This way, divorcing couples can devise their own mutually acceptable solutions. As divorce mediators, we ask questions, reframe issues, assist the parties to understand each other, and help identify solutions.

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process that many couples have to go through. At Divorce Mediation Services, we believe that divorce mediation is the best way for couples to navigate this challenging time. Divorce mediation is the process of working with a neutral third party to reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce.

One of the benefits of divorce mediation is that it is often less expensive and time-consuming than going to court. This is especially true for uncontested divorce mediation, where both parties agree on all the terms of the divorce. In these cases, the mediator can help the couple come to a fair and workable agreement in just a few sessions.

Another advantage of divorce mediation is that it allows couples to have more control over the outcome of their divorce. Since the couple is working together to reach an agreement, they are more likely to be satisfied with the final outcome. In contrast, in a court proceeding, a judge makes the final decision, which may not satisfy both parties.

At Divorce Mediation Services, we understand how challenging the divorce process can be, and we are here to help. Read on to learn more about our services in Pensacola, FL, and near Syracuse, NY.

Enabling the Win-Win Equation

As divorce mediators, we act as a neutral third party overseeing the negotiation process. We encourage couples to come to a mutually beneficial agreement satisfactory to all concerned.

Virtual Mediation

With advanced information technology, divorcing couples can negotiate and create the terms of their uncontested divorce online. This cancels out the need for face-to-face meetings. All conferences are conducted via video or teleconferencing.

Go Virtual Now

Busy people do not always have enough time to devote to divorce proceedings. Through virtual mediation, the process becomes easier and more convenient.

Participants can pick schedules that work best for everyone. Conferences can be conducted online from anywhere with internet access. This is advisable for people
unable to travel or those who prefer the comfort of their home or office.