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Learn About Edward Finsterwalder, Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation Services, LLC is owned and managed by Edward Finsterwalder, a non-attorney divorce mediator helping couples in Pensacola, Florida and Central New York,  file uncontested divorces without the need for litigation.

With career experience spanning more than 20 years, Ed believes that being an active listener is the key to understanding the needs of divorcing couples. Detail-oriented, he applies substantial skills when negotiating balanced, mediated agreements.

We draw inspiration from his skills as an analytical and extremely tolerant professional with an engaging sense of humor. His empathetic approach calms down couples going through emotionally stressful marital situations.

A woman sitting on the couch with two men.

Professional and Academic Credentials

  • 20 Years of Divorce Mediation Experience, In-Person or Virtual Mediation
  • Established Central NY Mediation Services, CNY Mediation in 2003, and Divorce Mediation Services, LLC in 2015
  • Post-Graduate Training in the Field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Master’s Degree in Applied Communications, 2002 With a Concentration in ADR From the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado
  • BA in Psychology, 1975 From Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts

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Confer with our divorce mediator soon. Ed would be eager to help you file for uncontested divorce.